Any person desiring to engage in business of operating a motorbus over and along any street in the City as a regular route for the transportation of passengers for hire, both termini of such route being located within the corporate limits, shall file an application for the establishment of a route therefor within the City with the Clerk of Council, setting forth the route desired and having attached a map showing the streets and parts of streets which the applicant desires to use for such purposes, and giving the number of busses the applicant proposes to operate over such proposed route, as well as a complete schedule of trips which such busses will make over such proposed route, and the headway to be maintained between busses operating thereon and he shall deposit with the Clerk a sum, to be fixed by the Clerk, sufficient to pay for the publication of the notice of the application and the resolution establishing such route as hereinafter provided.
   Notice of the filing of such application shall be published herewith by the Clerk in the newspaper in which the City publishes ordinances and other legal publications, which notice shall state that Council will hear parties in interest in reference to the establishment of such route at a meeting designated by Council after the filing of the application. Such notice shall be published once, at least five days prior to such hearing.
   The Clerk shall also refer the application to the City Manager, who shall examine the same and the proposed route and report his recommendations in reference thereto at the meeting fixed for the consideration by the Council of the application, calling attention to any street or traffic conditions which may affect the desirability thereof.
   After such report by the City Manager and hearing by Council, then Council shall take such action in reference thereto as it shall think proper, amending or changing the same if it considers it in the public interest to do so, and if it considers that it is in the public interest to do so, shall establish such route by resolution, either in accordance with the application, or amended as it thinks proper, and shall approve or modify as it considers the public interest requires the schedule upon which busses shall operate on such route.
   If the person filing the application desires to operate over the route so established within thirty days after the adoption of such resolution, he shall file with the Clerk of Council his written acceptance thereof, embodying therein, in form to be approved by the City Solicitor, his agreement to operate over such route in conformity with the provisions of this chapter or of any City ordinance or State law, regulating motorbusses, or applying thereto.
(Ord. 1-53. Passed 1-5-53.)