(A)   No person shall drink or possess upon his person an open container of any beer, wine or other intoxicating beverage on any park or playground.
(‘63 Code, § 11-6.08)
   (B)   Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be subject to the provisions of § 10.99 and may be charged with an infraction or misdemeanor at the discretion of the City Attorney.
   (C)   Notwithstanding division (A) above, it shall not be unlawful to drink beer and wine on any park or playground during such time as a permit to sell beer or wine, issued by the Director of Public Works pursuant to § 93.56, is in effect on any such park or playground.
(‘63 Code, § 11-6.09)
(Ord. 275-C.S., passed 5-17-77; Am. Ord. 307-C.S., passed 3-6-79; Am. Ord. 363-C.S., passed 5-18-82; Am. Ord. 375-C.S., passed 10-19-82; Am. Ord. 380-C.S., passed 5-15-83; Am. Ord. 785-C.S., passed 7-17-12)  Penalty, see § 10.99