The Council is hereby authorized from time to time by resolution:
   (A)   To control, regulate, and manage the Lundblade-Barnum Eureka Municipal Golf Course in all particulars not inconsistent with this chapter;
   (B)   To specify the conditions under which the same may be used or played upon;
   (C)   To establish the fees to be paid for the use thereof and provide for their collection and payment into the city treasury;
   (D)   To specify the compensation to be paid the professional or keeper and other employees thereof, to provide for the employment of such employees and to enter into contracts therefor, and to require bonds for all employees handling any money;
   (E)   To provide for the construction and maintenance of a clubhouse and for the sale thereat by concession, or otherwise, of golf equipment and refreshments;
   (F)   To provide for practice greens and practice fairways and for exhibition matches and tournaments; and,
   (G)   To provide for the control, regulation, maintenance, and upkeep of the course in every other manner and to every extent of the premises.
('63 Code, § 11-2.03) (Ord. 2880, passed 9-5-61)