It shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the following acts upon the Lundblade-Barnum Eureka Municipal Golf Course:
   (A)   To trespass upon the course;
   (B)   To play golf on the course, or any part thereof, without first obtaining a permit in proper form so to do. A separate permit shall be required for each player for each and every round of golf played over the course, a round of golf being a continuous play over nine or 18 holes in their sequence, unless the player has a monthly or yearly ticket; to fail or refuse to show such golf permit to any employee of the city connected with the course when requested so to do; to cut in on or double back over any portion of the course; or to play on or attempt to play with or by authority of a permit other than the one regularly issued for the round then being played;
   (C)   Wilfully or maliciously to injure the turf of the course or in any way destroy or injure property thereon or remove property or equipment from the premises without permission of the keeper or professional in charge thereof;
   (D)   To drive or park any vehicle on or over any part of the land comprising the course except at the designated parking areas;
   (E)   To take possession of golf balls other than those belonging to themselves upon or from the course or the lands and streets adjacent thereto, or to sell or offer to sell thereon golf balls or equipment, food, drinks, or other commodities except as may be provided by the rules and regulations which may be adopted by the Council; or,
   (F)   To deposit rubbish, garbage, cut grass, or other foreign matter upon the course, or any part thereof.
('63 Code, § 11-2.02) (Ord. 2880, passed 9-5-61) Penalty, see § 10.99