(A)   No healthy Sequoia Park Zoo animal shall be euthanized without approval of the Zoo Advisory Board and prior public notice. As used herein “healthy” animal shall mean one free of disease or debility as judged by competent veterinary authority and “zoo animal” shall mean an animal who has come into ownership of the Sequoia Park Zoo through authorized means and is used for public display.
   (B)   Nothing in division (A) herein shall preclude appropriate disposal of animals judged sick and diseased or debilitated or injured by competent veterinary authority or the emergency destruction of an animal to protect human life.
('63 Code, § 11-8.101)
   (C)   Willful violation of this section by any city employee shall be grounds for dismissal from employment from the city. 
('63 Code, § 11-8.103)
(Ord. 367-C.S., passed 8-17-82)  Penalty, see § 10.99