(a)   No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing earphones over, or earplugs in, both ears.  As used in this section, "earphones" means any headset, radio, tape player, or other similar device that provides the listener with radio programs, music, or other recorded information through a device attached to the head and that covers all or a portion of both ears.  "Earphones" does not include speakers or other listening devices that are built into protective headgear.
   (b)   This section does not apply to:
      (1)   Any person wearing a hearing aid;
      (2)   Law enforcement personnel while on duty;
      (3)   Fire department personnel and emergency medical service personnel while on duty;
      (4)   Any person operating equipment for use in the maintenance or repair of any highway;
      (5)   Any person engaged in the operation of refuse collection equipment.
(ORC 4511.84)
Penalty - see Sections 307.01 and 307.02