(a)   Notwithstanding the limitations provided in division (c) of this section upon presentation of proper credentials, the Commissioner of Buildings, or the Housing Manager, or his or her duly authorized representatives, may enter at reasonable times any building, structure or premises in the City to perform any duty imposed on him or her by this Code.
   (b)   The Building Commissioner, Housing Manager, and their duly authorized representatives, are hereby authorized to make or cause to be made inspections of all structures or premises used for dwelling purposes, and of all secondary or appurtenant structures, to determine whether such structures or premises conform to the provisions of this code.
   (c)   Except in emergency situations, if the owner, manager or agent acting for the owner of a structure or premises used for dwelling purposes refuses entrance to the Building Commissioner, Housing Manager or their duly authorized representatives for purposes of inspection, no such entrance or inspection shall be made unless a search warrant is properly obtained from a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction.  No penalty under the penalty provisions of this Building and Housing Code shall apply against such owner who refuses entrance until such search warrant is obtained.
(Ord. 201-1997.  Passed 10-6-97; Ord. 106-2008.  Passed 4-21-08.)