(a)   A Certificate of Occupancy shall also be required in the following cases and no such building or structure may be lawfully used or occupied until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.  Such Certificate shall be necessary:
      (1)   Where a used building or structure has been altered and a building permit has been issued for such work; or
      (2)   Where the Housing Manager and/or the Commissioner of Buildings finds a building to be in a dilapidated condition and is substandard, which building endangers the health, morals or safety of inhabitants by becoming unsafe, unsanitary or unhealthful.  In such event, he or she shall post a copy of his or her order on the premises and shall forward a copy to the owner of record, by certified mail if his or her residence can be obtained.  His or her order shall set forth in what respects the building is substandard.
   (b)   Each applicant for a Certificate of Occupancy shall be furnished a printed form.  The Housing Manager and/or the Commissioner of Buildings shall maintain a record of all applications filed with him or her and of all Certificates issued by him or her, which shall be kept on file in the Division of Buildings.  A copy shall be furnished, upon request, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy interest in the building or land affected.
   (c)   The Commissioner of Buildings and the Housing Manager is hereby empowered to examine and inspect any building or structure and to further issue a removal order where he or she finds that a building or structure is used before the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, where one is required as provided in this section.  All persons or corporations occupying or using any building or structure, together with the owner and any person or corporation who or which has been employed as a builder or contractor in connection with any construction or alteration where a Certificate of Occupancy is required and has not been issued, shall be deemed in violation of the things set forth in any order of the Housing Manager and/or Commissioner of Buildings and of the provisions of this Code, and particularly of this section.  Any unauthorized removal of a notice posted by the Housing Manager and/or the Commissioner of Buildings shall likewise constitute a violation of this Code and shall subject any such person to the penalties provided in this Code for violations.
(Ord. 201-1997.  Passed 10-6-97.)