A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued by the Housing Manager to all multiple family and one/two family rental dwellings if said building adheres to all “A” Class violations as defined in Section 1755.30.  Such a Temporary Occupancy Permit shall not be issued to a building that jeopardizes life and/or property.
   Upon request of the holder of a permit, or of the owner, the Commissioner of Buildings may issue a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for part of a commercial structure, provided that such temporary occupancy or use would not jeopardize life and/or property. 
   The Housing Manager and/or Commissioner of Buildings shall revoke any Temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued under this section for any failure to comply in full with this Code within the timelines established for compliance by either the Housing Manager and/or the Commissioner of Buildings.
(Ord. 201-1997.  Passed 10-6-97.)