(a)   No person, firm or corporation shall clear an area or areas of vacant, unimproved or undeveloped land, or cause the same to be done, without first making application to the Commissioner of Buildings and obtaining a permit therefor.
   (b)   This requirement shall apply to the destruction, cutting down, damaging or other removal of natural vegetation, including trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, et al., but not weeds, where the area or areas to be cleared total more than 500 square feet on one or more parcels of vacant, unimproved or underdeveloped land in the City.
   (c)   No clearance shall be permitted unless the land involved will be substantially improved within ninety days immediately after the permit is granted.
   (d)   The Building Commissioner may, in his or her sole discretion, refer any application filed pursuant to this section to the Architectural Review Board for its review and recommendations.
   (e)   It is the intent of this regulation to require that any land cleared in the City under this section be thereafter improved in a manner which replaces the original natural vegetation with a substantial amount of new natural vegetation.  The Board is authorized to conduct its review of plans pursuant to Chapter 1327, so as to encourage the use of green space, natural vegetation and landscaping as part of any improvement.
   (f)   Before approval all final permit applications shall include plans and specifications demonstrating compliance with the provisions of Chapters 921 and 1311 and the provisions of any storm water management plan adopted by the City with regard to drainage, erosion and sedimentation control, sewage retention, sewer connections, and utilities to the extent applicable including approval of any necessary permits or plans from the Service Director and City Engineer.
(Ord. 132-1989.  Passed 6-19-89; Ord. 36-2001.  Passed 3-5-01.)