Prior to action by the Architectural Review Board, the City shall require a review by an independent registered engineer engaged by the City and paid for, in advance, by the applicant pursuant to Section 1399.08. Among other things, the engineer shall review and approve the written certification of the applicant's engineer filed pursuant to Section 1399.03(k); shall review the applicant's propagation studies showing the necessity for and location of the tower; and shall review and approve the structural integrity, electrical integrity and electrical safeness of the wireless telecommunication facility in its projected uses so as to assure the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City.
(Ord. 41-1997.  Passed 2-18-97; Eff. 3-18-97; Ord. 119-2004.  Passed 6-21-04; Ord. 15-2017. Passed 2-21-17.)