As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Accessory facility or structure” means an accessory facility or structure serving or being used in conjunction with wireless telecommunications facilities, and located on the same property or lot as the wireless telecommunications facilities, including but not limited to utility or transmission equipment storage sheds or cabinets.
   (b)   “Antenna” means a system of electrical conductors that transmit or receive electromagnetic waves or radio frequency signals. Such waves shall include, but not be limited to, radio, television, cellular, paging, personal telecommunications services, and microwave telecommunications.
   (c)   “Base station” means radio transceivers, antennas, coaxial cable, a regular and backup power supply, and other associated electronics.
   (d)   “Collocation” means the use of a wireless telecommunications facility by more than one wireless telecommunications provider.
   (e)   “Commercial impracticability” or “commercially impracticable” means where, at the time a contract is made, a party's performance under it is impracticable without its fault because of a fact which it has no reason to know and the non-existence of which is a basic assumption on which the contract is made, no duty to render that performance arises, unless the language or circumstances indicate the contrary.
   (f)   “Height” means, when referring to any tower or structure, the distance measured from the pre-existing grade level to the highest point on the tower or structure, even if said highest point is an antenna.
   (g)   “Lattice” means a framework or structure of crossed metal strips typically resting on three members constructed vertically to which antennas are affixed.
   (h)   “Monopole” means a single, slender and typically cylindrical, vertical structure to which antennas or antenna support structures are affixed.
   (i)   “Technically suitable” means the location of a wireless telecommunications antenna(s) reasonably serves the purpose for which it is intended within the bandwidth of frequencies for which the  owner or operator of the antenna(s) has been licensed by the Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) to operate without a significant loss of communication capability within developed areas of the city.
   (j)   “Telecommunication” means technology permitting the passage of information from the sender to one or more receivers in a usable form by means of any electromagnetic system.
   (k)   “Tower(s)” means any structure built for the sole or primary purpose of supporting FCC- licensed antennas and their associated facilities, including but not limited to  any ground or above- ground mounted pole, spire, or structure or combination thereof, taller than 15 feet, including support lines, cables, wires, braces or masts, and including smoke stacks, water towers and other similar structures which can accommodate the mounting of an antenna, meteorological or telecommunications device or similar apparatus above-grade.
   (l)   “Wireless communication antenna” means an antenna designed to transmit or receive communications as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), excluding amateur radio operators' antennas.
   (m)   “Wireless communication tower” means a tower, including, but not limited to, a self- supporting lattice or monopole which elevates the wireless communication antenna and may include accessory transmission and receiving equipment.
   (n)   “Wireless telecommunications equipment building” means the structure in which the electronic receiving and relay equipment for a wireless telecommunications facility is housed.
   (o)   “Wireless telecommunications facility” means a facility consisting of the equipment and structures involved in receiving telecommunications or radio signals from a mobile radio communications source and transmitting those signals to a central switching computer which connects the mobile unit with the land-based telephone lines. 
(Ord. 41-1997.  Passed 2-18-97; Eff. 3-18-97; Ord. 119-2004.  Passed 6-21-04; Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 2-21-17.)