As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Cut” means a portion of land surface or areas from which the earth has been removed, or will be removed, by excavation; the depth below the original ground surface or excavating surface.
   (b)   “Develop” or “development” means construction of a building or structure, subdivision of land, or the grading, excavating, removing or destroying of any natural vegetation, or the removing any topsoil, unless otherwise excluded from the application of this chapter by the provisions of Section 1397.04(b).
   (c)   “Earth moving” means any excavating, cutting or filling, or any stockpiling thereof.
   (d)   “Erosion” means the general process whereby soils are detached and moved by the flow of surface or subsurface water, wind, ice and gravity.
   (e)   “Excavating” means removing of soil or other materials, by any means whatsoever, from water or land on or beneath the surface thereof, or beneath the land surface, whether exposed or submerged.
   (f)   “Fill” means depositing of soil, rock or other materials by other than natural means.
   (g)   “Finish grade” means the final grade or elevation of the ground surface after grading is completed.
   (h)   “Grade” means the degree of rise or descent of a sloping surface.
   (i)   “Grading” means any excavating, cutting, filling or stockpiling of land or earth, or any combination thereof, including the conditions resulting from any of the above.
   (j)   “Hillside area” and/or “Protected Hillside Area” includes land in all zoning districts in the Municipality with slopes having a natural gradient within the limits set forth in Exhibit A, following the text of this chapter and incorporated herein by reference.
   (k)   “Hillside control measures” means all of the planning work and control that are required and specified by this chapter.
   (l)   “Impervious surface” means roads, buildings, structures, tennis courts, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, pools, patios, pool decks, decks, parking lots and other similar surfaces.
   (m)   “Natural ground surface” means the ground surface in its original state before any grading, excavating or filling.
   (n)   “Natural vegetation” means plant materials which are indigenous to the area and exist on a site prior to any construction or earth-moving activity.
   (o)   “Owner/developer/builder” means an individual, firm, association, syndicate, partnership or corporation having sufficient proprietary interest to seek development of land.
   (p)   “Run-off” means the part of precipitation which flows over land without filtering into the soil.
   (q)   “Undisturbed” means that portion of the parcel to be developed which will not be regraded, have any vegetation removed from it or have any impervious surface construction or cover as specified by this chapter.
(Ord. 145-1997.  Passed 6-16-97; Eff. 7-16-97.)