(a)   The owner, manager or operator of any of the places described in subsection (b) hereof may set aside designated areas where smoking is permitted, provided that the smoke is contained within those designated areas so as not to adversely affect nonsmoking areas within the same enclosed area.  Smoke shall be contained in the smoking areas by the use of walls, separation, air segregation, partitions, filtration and/or ventilating systems, and in the absence of such controls, smoking shall not be permitted.
   (b)   The specified facilities in which separate smoking areas may be designated include:
      (1)   Hotels and motels;
      (2)   Restaurants and other eating establishments;
      (3)   Health care facilities, rest homes and hospitals; and
      (4)   Business establishments, offices and factories not previously enumerated, subject to such additional regulations as provided herein governing work place smoking.
(Ord. 131-1989.  Passed 6-19-89.)