Any dwelling, dwelling unit or building which has become unfit for human habitation because it has deteriorated so as to become unhealthful, unsanitary, so difficult to heat as to be unhealthful or because the owner or occupant failed to comply with the orders of the Board or Commissioner of Health, based on the conditions of this chapter or on rules and regulations adopted by the Board pursuant to the conditions of this chapter, may be condemned by the Commissioner of Health and shall be vacated within a reasonable time as ordered by the Commissioner.
   Such dwelling, dwelling unit or building may be placarded by the Commissioner of Health.  Such dwelling, dwelling unit or building shall not be used until the placard is removed by the Commissioner of Health.  Such building, dwelling or dwelling unit shall only be so condemned or placarded after the owner, or if there is more than one owner, at least one owner, if he or she can be found, has been served in writing with the reason why such placard is to be placed and has been given an opportunity to appeal in writing to the Board of Health.
   The appeal shall state his or her claimed grounds why such dwelling, dwelling unit or building should not be condemned or placarded.  Such appeal must be filed within five days after service of the notice, which service may be personal or by registered mail, return receipt requested.  At the time of such filing, the one filing the appeal shall be informed of the time and place of the hearing.  The hearing shall be commenced within thirty days after the filing of such appeal.  The proceedings upon such appeal shall be reduced to writing and entered on record at the office of the Board of Health.  Their decision may be subject to review by a court of record, provided a petition shall have been filed in such court within twenty days after the decision of the Board of Health.
(Ord. 8075.  Passed 7-16-45.)