It shall be the duty of the owner to make any building, structure, dwelling or premises reasonably vermin proof and to exterminate as required by the rules and regulations of the Board of Health or orders of the Board or Commissioner of Health.  Such rules, regulations or orders may provide for the control and elimination of infestation by eliminating harboring places, removing or making inaccessible materials that may serve as food, and pest control by poisoning, spraying, trapping, fumigation by a licensed fumigator or any other recognized effective pest-elimination procedure.
   Whenever any dwelling, building, structure, excavation, business pursuit, matter, condition or thing, in or about a building or any premises, or the plumbing, sewerage, drainage, lighting or ventilation thereof, is found by the Commissioner of Health to be dangerous or detrimental to life or health, the Commissioner of Health may order that the matter, condition or thing be removed, abated, suspended, altered or otherwise improved, as his or her order shall specify.
   If any order of the Commissioner of Health, issued under the authority of the provisions of this chapter, is not complied with within ten days after the service thereof, or within such shorter time as he or she may designate as being necessary under the circumstances, then such order may be executed by the Commissioner of Health, through his or her officers, agents, employees or contractors.  The expense incurred incident to such order shall be paid by the owner of such property, or the Commissioner of Health may order the premises vacated, provided, however, that when, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Health, such matter, condition or thing is in a state of nuisance which constitutes an immediate menace to health, he or she shall proceed forthwith to cause such nuisance to be abated, but in such case the owner shall not be liable for the expenses of such abatement unless a notice, as hereinbefore provided, has been issued.
(Ord. 8075.  Passed 7-16-45.)