Every building, structure, dwelling and every part thereof shall be kept clean and free from any accumulation of dirt, filth, rubbish, garbage or similar matter, and it shall be kept free from vermin or rodent infestation.  All yards and premises shall be similarly kept clean and free from a rodent infestation and shall be kept free from harboring places for rodents or other pests.
   It shall be the duty of each occupant and owner of any building, dwelling, structure or premises to keep in a clean condition that portion of the property which he or she occupies, owns or over which he or she has control.  If the occupant or owner fails to keep his or her portion of the property clean and free from vermin or rodent infestation, the Commissioner of Health may send a written notice to the occupant or owner to abate such nuisance within the time specified in such notice, provided, however, that when, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Health, such nuisance constitutes an actual menace to health, he or she shall proceed forthwith to cause such nuisance to be abated.  Failure of the occupant or owner to comply with such notice shall be deemed a violation of this chapter and, upon conviction, the occupant or owner shall be subject to the penalty or penalties herein provided.
(Ord. 8075.  Passed 7-16-45.)