(A)   All civil penalties and costs shall be imposed and recorded by the City Judge on the City Court docket in open court.
   (B)    (1)   In all cases heard or determined by him or her, the City Judge shall tax in the bill of costs the following schedule:
Court costs
   Municipal Code and/or animal control citations
State litigation tax
Local litigation tax
Litigation tax for public parking space violation
   Municipal Traffic Citations Court Costs
   (Court costs are charged per violation/case number)
Up to 14 MPH over posted speed limit
15 MPH to 19 MPH over posted speed limit
20 MPH to 29 MPH over posted speed limit
30 MPH and over posted speed limit
Other moving violations
Light violations
All other non-moving violations
      (2)   The above scheduled court costs shall be in addition to any fines or other assessment authorized by the State of Tennessee and any special court costs that may be assessed under the provisions of the municipal charter.
   (C)   Unless modified by state law, $1 of the court costs in each case shall be forwarded by the Court Clerk to the State Treasurer to be used by the administrative office of the courts for training and continuing education courses for municipal court judges and municipal court clerks.
(1994 Code, § 3-202) (Ord. 393, passed 4-8-1985; Ord. 494, passed 9-2-1993; Ord. 671, passed 5-29-2007; Ord. 791, passed 9-26-2016; Ord. 858, passed 8-24-2020; Ord. 871, passed 11-15-2021)