§ 33.46  MEMBERSHIP.
   Membership shall be by appointment by a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership of the Unit from those applications on file with the Secretary of the Unit, and shall be subject to confirmation by the City Council. An applicant for appointment must be able-bodied, no less than 18 years of age, and living within the city, or within an adequate response time. An applicant may be required to pass a physical examination and/or meet other reasonable requirements established by the Chief, or required for membership in a first response or similar unit by the state, the city and/or the by-laws, procedures or rules adopted by the Unit. The Unit may provide in its by-laws for probationary membership and removal of probationary members from the Unit. A member shall not be required to be an active city firefighter. A member shall be expected, at all times, to know, understand, abide by and meet the requirements of the by-laws, procedures or rules of the Unit. A violation of any by-laws, procedure or rule may subject the member to disciplinary action or expulsion from the Unit, all as set forth in the Unit’s by-laws and procedures, subject to review by the City Council. Members of that organization, commonly know as the “Emily First Responders”, shall constitute the Unit’s membership and are confirmed as such hereby.
(Ord. 209, passed 9-10-1991)