The structure of the donation bins shall adhere to the regulations as follows:
   (a)   The donation bin(s) shall be the type that are enclosed by the use of a one-way receiving door so that the contents of the bin(s) may not be accessed by anyone other than those responsible for the retrieval of the contents;
   (b)   No donation bin shall cover a ground surface area of more than five feet by five feet;
   (c)   No donation bin shall exceed six feet in height; and
   (d)   There shall be no advertisement of any kind on the bin except for the identity of the charitable organization and the purpose of the donation effort(s) as follows:
      (1)   The name, address, telephone number and the e-mail address of the owner and operator of the donation bin;
      (2)   A statement, in at least two-inch typeface, that clearly identifies the owner and operator of the donation bin.
(Ord. 2016-64.  Passed 6-16-16.)