(a)   Every new owner of residential rental property (whether as fee owner or land installment contract vendee) shall be required to furnish to the Building Department the information required in Section 1398.01 before taking possession of the property. Except for the interim registration fee, no registration fee shall be required of the new owner during the year in which possession takes place, provided that the previous owner has paid all registration fees and has complied with all requirements of this chapter and any notices from the City concerning violations of health, zoning, fire or safety codes of the City.
   (b)   This chapter does not apply to hotels and motels, housing units owned by a religious institution and occupied by a member of a religious community or congregation and housing units in any licensed hospital, hospice, community care facility, intermediate care facility or nursing home.
   (c)   Rental registration forms shall be made available on the City's website and the City may use the data collected to inform the owner, contact agent or rental agent of police, fire, building code violations and/or any other incident reports or inspection orders applicable to the property. The City may also investigate and contact persons or legal entities who are covered by this chapter and who have not registered their rental properties.
(Ord. 2014-82. Passed 8-4-14.)