(a)   All electrical wiring and equipment installed, altered, replaced or repaired in or about any building, structure or premises with the City of Elyria shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Electrical Inspector.
   (b)   No electrical wiring or parts thereof shall be covered or concealed until the Electrical Inspector has approved the installation and given permission to cover or conceal the same. It shall be the duty of the person obtaining the permit to give 24 hours notice to the Electrical Inspector when work is ready for inspection.  Work shall be inspected as soon as possible after receipt of such notice and, when found to conform to the provisions of this chapter, an official notice of approval shall be posted in a conspicuous place by the Electrical Inspector.
(Ord. 97-38.  Passed 2-3-97; Ord. 2004-116.  Passed 8-2-04.)