As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Building Code” means those provisions of the Building Code officially adopted by the City of Elyria, or other such codes officially designated by the City of Elyria, for the regulation of construction, alteration, addition, repair, location, occupancy and maintenance of buildings and structures.
   (b)   “Chief Building Official” means the official who is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Building Code, or any duly authorized representative.
   (c)   “Person” means an individual, corporation, partnership or any other group acting as a unit.
   (d)   “Registered design professional” means an architect or engineer who is registered or licensed to practice professional architecture or engineering in the State of Ohio.
(Ord. 95-289.  Passed 12-18-95; Ord. 2013-69. Passed 6-3-13.)