The following requirements shall apply to all dumpsters, trash collection areas and related service entrances:
   A.   Setbacks.
   Each dumpster, trash collection area and related screening shall be located in compliance with the same minimum setbacks as an accessory structure as determined by the zoning district in which such structure is located.
   B.   Screening.
   Any dumpster or trash collection area shall be enclosed by a solid or decorative wall or solid fence of at least seven (7) feet high to completely enclose the containers from the top to the bottom if such area is not within an enclosed building or structure. Such solid wall or fence shall be situated so as to screen the view of the collection area from adjacent streets and property. Gates shall be provided at the enclosures open side and be constructed of solid material.
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98.)
   C.   Surface.
   Any dumpster or trash collection area in a zoning district requiring paved parking or driveway areas shall be located wholly on a paved surface, including any access leading to such area, such that vehicles entering and exiting the area to dispose of refuse or empty the refuse containers will not damage the accessway.
(Ord. 2000-255.  Passed 12-18-00.)
   D.   Amortization of Dumpsters and Trash Collection Areas.
   Any existing dumpster, trash collection area and related service entrances located in a residential district shall fully conform to the provisions of this chapter within one (1) year from the date of adoption of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98; Ord.  2010-158.  Passed 11-15-10.)