(a)   The Director of Safety-Service is hereby authorized to amend the rules and regulations governing City owned cemeteries to provide that no charge shall be made for the grave, burial, chapel or tent of any resident of the City who, at the time of death, was a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, and who was on active duty with the Armed Forces, whether male or female, if burial is made in the soldier's plot or a newly purchased family plot consisting of two or more graves. In case burial is made in a previously purchased lot, the services provided shall be confined to opening and closing of the grave and the use of the chapel or tent, at no charge.
(Ord. 1969-135. Passed 10-6-69.)
   (b)   Section J of the Brookdale Cemetery is hereby designated as the veteran's section, in which a veteran and his or her spouse will be allowed to be buried next to each other.
(Ord. 95-302. Passed 12-18-95.)