(a)   Definition. As used in this section, "Exposed to pedestrian traffic" means all locations in the public right of way, all residential areas and all public park areas, except at locations where the guy wire is installed adjacent to a fence not less than forty-eight inches high.
   (b)   Required Markers. All telephone, telegraph, cable television and electric light and power companies shall install and maintain, on all of their new or existing guy wires, exposed to pedestrian traffic, a conspicuous marker not less than eight feet long, beginning within at least two feet of the ground line. Such markers may be omitted at multiple guy wire locations on a wire that is between two marked wires that are not more than twenty-four inches apart at the upper end of their markers.
   (c)   Guy Insulators or Grounding. All new guy wires, installed after the effective date of this section (Ordinance 89-153, passed June 21, 1982), shall be constructed with either guy insulators or grounding, in accordance with the standards for guy wires in the latest edition of the National Electrical Safety Code, as approved by the American National Standards Institute, Inc., as a national standard.
(Ord. 82-153. Passed 6-21-82.)