Every person requiring a distress merchandise sale license shall make application in writing to the Director of Safety-Service at least five days prior to commencement of the sale. Each application shall be sworn to before a person authorized to administer oaths and shall contain the following information and such other information as the Director may deem necessary:
   (a)   Name and address of owner of the business and the merchandise.
   (b)   Designation of the place where the sale is to be held.
   (c)   The nature of the occupancy of the place where the sale is to be held, whether by lease or otherwise, and the effective date of the termination of such occupancy.
   (d)   A full and complete statement regarding the distress merchandise sale, including the reason for such sale, the hours and days during which sale will be held and the commencement and termination date of the sale.
   (e)   A complete and detailed inventory of the goods, wares and merchandise to be sold at such sale, including a list of the merchandise on order. The inventory shall contain a sworn statement of the cost and retail value of the goods, wares and merchandise.
(Ord. 83-112.  Passed 5-16-83.)