(a)   No person who is an owner or harborer of a dog, cat or any other animal which is capable of contracting rabies, and for which a rabies vaccination is available, shall fail to have such dog, cat or other animal vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.
   (b)   Whenever any person is bitten by a dog or other animal, a report of such bite shall be made to the Health Officer within twenty-four hours. The dog or other animal inflicting a bite shall immediately be examined by a qualified veterinarian and results of such examination shall be reported to the Health Officer within twenty-four hours. At the direction of the Health Officer, the dog or other animal shall either be confined by its owner or harborer to its premises away from the public at large, or be placed under supervision of a veterinarian at the owner's or harbor's expense. The isolation or observation period shall not be less than ten days from the date the person was bitten, at which time a report of the condition of the animal shall be made to the Health Officer.
   No person shall fail to comply with the requirements of this subsection or with any order of the Health Officer made pursuant thereto, nor fail to immediately report to the Health Officer any symptom or behavior suggestive of rabies.
   This subsection shall not apply to any dog in the possession of, owned by or used by or on behalf of any law enforcement agency in the performance of its regular and customary duties, provided such dog has in effect a current valid rabies vaccination.
   (c)   If the Health Officer or Animal Warden has grounds to believe that an animal that has bitten has not been vaccinated for rabies, the Health Officer or Animal Warden shall cause such animal to be seized and quarantined with a licensed veterinarian. The cost of such quarantine shall be borne by the owner or harbor of such animal.
   (d)   (1)   Any owner of any animal known to have or suspected of having rabies or having been subjected to rabies shall immediately notify the Police Division or the Health District thereof, and immediately surrender the animal to the Animal Warden or Health Officer of the City upon demand of such officer.
      (2)   No owner knowing or suspecting that any animal has rabies shall allow such animal to be taken off the owner's premises without the permission of the Animal Warden or Health Officer.
      (3)   The Animal Warden or Health Officer, upon ascertaining that any animal is rabid, shall immediately remove the animal to the County Dog Pound or summarily destroy it.
   (e)   Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 88-219.  Passed 6-27-88; Ord. 88-265.  Passed 9-6-88; Ord. 2004-140.  Passed 9-20-04.)