(a)   The Mayor shall designate an Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator (ADA Coordinator), who shall be the designated employee acting as the City's liaison to the Advocacy Board for Persons With Disabilities.
   (b)   Any requests or complaints regarding access to and participation in public facilities, services and functions of the City by qualified individuals with a disability shall be made to the ADA Coordinator for review and referral.  A copy of any such request or complaint shall be kept on file and a copy shall be given to the Board.
   (c)   The ADA Coordinator shall be responsible for implementing the ADA Grievance Procedure.  This procedure shall be used in the investigation and mediation of complaints regarding noncompliance with, or prohibited acts under, the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, and as referenced in the Ohio Basic Building Code, as adopted in Section 1301.01 of the Building Code, and for the prompt and equitable resolution of such complaints.
(Ord. 94-35.  Passed 2-22-94.)