There is hereby established a Personnel Placement Committee to insure equitable administration of the current compensation ordinance. Such Committee shall, in addition to the authority hereinafter granted, be authorized to hear appeals by any employee of his class allocation. If the Committee determines that such employee's classification is incorrect, recommendation shall be made to Council for appropriate amendment of the compensation ordinance. The Personnel Placement Committee shall consist of the Mayor, the Director of Safety-Service and the City Auditor. The Mayor shall serve as Chairman of the Committee.
   An employee changing to a lower rated position shall be placed in that pay step prescribed by the Committee.
   The Committee may, in its discretion, place a full-time employee in Step B or Step A upon application of the employee's superior if it is the Committee's determination that such employee possesses such experience or education as to qualify him for such step.
(Ord. 75-218. Passed 7-7-75.)