§ 160.12 COPY FEES.
    The Building Code Ordinance, the Subdivision Ordinances and Zoning Ordinance shall be available from the Village Clerk at a cost of $22 per copy plus any additional cost for any supplemental codes, ordinances or materials adopted therein by reference. A copy charge will be imposed for all requests for documents submitted pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act as follows:
Single side copies of records
$.25 per page
Building permit applications
$.25 per page
Defendant traffic tickets
$.25 per page
Fire Department fire reports
$.25 per page
$1 per page
Maps/city drawings/blueprints/plats/plans
$4 per page
Police accident reports
$7 per copy
Audio/video tapes
$10 per tape
Flood maps
$2 per map
Sewer/water zoning maps
$5 per map
Utility construction drawings
$2 per page
Microfilm - full page
$.75 per frame
Microfilm - half page
$.30 per frame
Engineering detail sheets
$2 per map
(Ord. 1143, passed 3-3-2021)