Upon application for any permit which requires site plan review, the applicant shall pay a plan examination fee (as set forth herein this section), which shall compensate the village for the review of all permit drawings and site plans, including but not limited to (i) site grading ad drainage; (ii) storm water runoff and retention; (iii) structural and foundation drawings; (iv) plumbing; (v) HVAC; and (vi) electrical drawings. The fee for the review of the aforementioned plans shall be as follows: $100 when plans are submitted or 10% of the total permit fee, whichever is greater. Plan review fees shall be non-refundable after 30 days. Prior to that period of time, the permit fee less than plan review charge and any costs incurred by the village will be returned to the original application. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no fees shall be refunded when a permit has lapsed after work has started. When a permit is revoked at the request of the applicant and prior to expiration due to established time limits, and no work has been commenced, all but those costs incurred by the village resulting from the administration and review of said application, may be refunded.
(Ord. 1143, passed 3-3-2021)