(A)   This chapter’s protection standard is the base flood according to the best date available to the Illinois state water survey’s floodplain information repository.
   (B)   Whenever a party disagrees with the best available data, he or she may finance the detailed engineering study needed to replace existing data with better data and submit it to the state water survey.
      (1)   The base flood elevation for the SFHAs of the Jackson Creek, shall be as delineated on the 100-year flood profiles in the flood insurance study of the county prepared by the Federal Insurance Administration and dated May 3, 1982.
      (2)   The base flood elevation for each of the remaining SFHAs delineated as a “A Zone” on the flood insurance rate map shall be the 100-year flood depth calculated according to the formulas presented in depth and frequency of floods in Illinois published by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1976.
(Ord. 377, passed 10-4-1982)