(A)   Incorporation. The preambles to the ordinance codified herein be and the same are hereby incorporated herein by this reference as if set out in full at this place.
   (B)   Short title. This section shall be known as the "Village of Elwood Indemnification Ordinance".
   (C)   Defense of actions, payments of judgments and settlements. The village shall defend, indemnify or hold harmless any official, officer or employee of the village in all actions instituted against the individual, other than actions brought by the village, which result from the performance of his or her duties for the village, except where the injury, damage or loss results from willful or intentional misconduct of the official, officer or employee. Further, subject to the willful or intentional misconduct exception noted above, the village shall appear and defend the employee against the claim or action, and pay any judgment based on the claim or action, and pay any compromise or settlement of the claim or action, provided that the corporate authorities have approved the terms of the compromise or settlement.
(Ord. 883, passed 11-21-2007)