A.   Sign Classification: The Director of Community Development may classify signs proposed in accordance with this chapter. Signs that do not clearly fall within one of the definitions provided by this title must be placed in a classification based on the sign’s design, location, physical characteristic, and purpose. Unless appealed to the Planning Commission pursuant to this Code, the Director’s decision is final. The Director may refer any such request to the Planning Commission for review.
   B.   Compliance With Codes: Signs must comply with applicable provisions of the latest adopted Building Code, Electrical Code, and Sign Code at the time of permit issuance.
   C.   Permanent Materials: Except for banners, flags, temporary signs, and window signs conforming with the provisions of this chapter, signs must be constructed of permanent materials, and must be permanently attached to the ground, a building, or other structure by direct attachment to a rigid wall, frame, or structure.
   D.   Maintenance: Signs permitted pursuant to this chapter must be maintained in good repair, structural condition, function properly, be free from defects including, but not limited to, cracking, rusting, and peeling. Signs not so maintained will be deemed a public nuisance and may be abated pursuant to this Code.
   E.   Abatement Of Signs: When the permittee, property owner, or person in possession of control of the property fails to comply with the Director’s order requiring compliance with the chapter, the City may declare the sign as a public nuisance in accordance with title 7 of this Code. Once designated as a nuisance, the City is authorized to abate the nuisance according to the provisions of this Code. (Ord. 1559, 10-17-2017; amd. Ord. 1620, 11-17-2020; Ord. 1639, 9-20-2022)