A.   Triangle Area Required: To provide visibility for pedestrians and drivers, a visibility triangle must be formed along each side of the driveway located on the subject property. Within this area fences, walls, and landscaping must not be allowed to exceed thirty inches (30") in height from street grade, unless it is a tree which is trimmed to provide a minimum of twelve feet (12') of visibility from street grade under the canopy created by the branches.
   B.   Location And Description: The triangular area must be located adjacent to, but outside the driveway area, and must be described as follows: one (1) angle must be formed by the intersection of the driveway and the property line abutting the street, the sides of which must be ten feet (10') in length. The third side of this triangle must be a straight line connecting the two (2) other lines at their endpoints, see section 15-2-6, figure 1 of this chapter. (Ord. 1444, 8-3-2010)