1248.08   WATER SUPPLY.
   (a)   Where public water supply is within 1,000 feet of the subdivision, the subdivision shall connect to such public water supply and construct a system of water mains in accordance with the standards specified by the public utility supplying water to the Borough.
   (b)   The developer shall supply and install all material associated with the fire hydrants as well as the hydrant themselves.
   (c)   Where public water is not available, the developer shall supply acceptable evidence of the availability of water the developer may be required to make one or more test wells in the area to be platted if evidence is deemed non-acceptable. Copies of well logs from said test wells which are obtained shall include the name and address of the well driller and shall be submitted, along with the plan, to the Borough.
   (d)   If a private water supply is permitted, individual private wells shall be located as required by the Standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources.
(Ord. 2143. Passed 8-16-93.)