1066.01   THE TRIANGLE.
   (a)   The Borough of Ellwood City hereby declares “The Triangle”, more particularly described as follows:
      Beginning at the intersection of the easterly line of Allenby Street with the southerly line of Jefferson Avenue; thence eastwardly by the southerly line of Jefferson Avenue, north 86 degrees 16' 46" east, 285.28 feet; thence by a curve to the right with a radius of ten feet an arc distance of 25.08 feet to the northerly line of Sims Street; thence by Sims Street, south 49 degrees 58' 24" west, 385.67 feet to a point of curve; thence by a curve to the right with a radius of ten feet, a distance by the arc of 23.53 feet to the easterly line of Allenby Street; thence by the easterly line of Allenby Street, north 4 degrees 46' 46" east, 239.5 feet to Jefferson Avenue at the place of beginning, being a triangular parcel of ground known as Parcel “B” in the Shelby Land Company's Second Plan of Lots of record in the Recorder's Office of Lawrence County in Plan Book Vol. 8, page 4, and containing 0.94 acres, more or less, to be a park and recreation place, pursuant to Section 2701 et seq. of the Borough Code.
   (b)   The parcel of land set forth in subsection (a) hereof shall be used for no other purpose by the Borough except for park and recreation purposes.  Said parcel of land cannot be sold or any structure of any type built upon it from the date of adoption of this section henceforth, unless said parcel of land is placed on a referendum for the voters of the Borough to determine whether or not the park shall be used for any purpose other than park and recreation.
   (c)   This section cannot be changed, altered or repealed without a unanimous vote of all Councilmembers. 
(Ord. 2124. Passed 8-17-92.)