1054.02   MAKEUP BILL.
   (a)   A “makeup bill” shall be rendered to a utility customer under the following conditions:
      (1)   Borough billing error;
      (2)   Stopped, broken, or inaccurate meter; or
      (3)   Four or more consecutively estimated bills.
   (b)   The method of calculating the “makeup bill” shall be as follows:
      (1)   In the case of the billing error when accurate information was available, the bill shall be recalculated using the correct billing rates or data.
      (2)   In the case of a stopped, broken or inaccurate meter the following shall apply:
         A.   The meter shall be replaced and the accurate consumption shall be obtained for a period of three months.
         B.   The average consumption from the new meter shall be computed for purposes of recalculating the makeup bill.
         C.   A “makeup bill” shall be calculated for the period of time recognized as the erroneous billing period.
         D.   The average consumption from paragraph (b)(2)B. hereof shall be applied to each month and calculated with the appropriate rates in effect during the period in question. This will generate a statement “As Should Have Been Billed” (ASHBB).
         E.   The ASHBB statement will deduct the amounts previously billed rendering an “Amount Due”.
         F.   The maximum monthly amount to be charged to the customer shall not exceed fifty percent of the lowest normal bill on the ASHBB statement which will become the “Monthly Makeup Charge” (MMC).
         G.   The “Amount Due” from paragraph (b)(2)E. hereof shall be divided by the MMC to determine the maximum number of months to be granted to the customer for repayment.
         H.   The MMC shall appear as a separate item on the utility bill.
         I.   All late charges and shut off procedures shall apply for non-payment of MMC.
      (3)   In the event of four or more consecutively estimated bills, the Borough shall ascertain billing information from a customer similar in nature based on number of persons in the household and water usage information. The customer shall also be notified to submit readings or provide access to the premises.
(Res. 2008-11. Passed 9-15-08.)