(a)   No person, whether a resident or nonresident, shall, in any instance, begin building construction or sewer construction, or tap or connect into any sanitary sewer line connecting to or a part of the Ellwood City sanitary sewerage system, or materially change the quantity or strength of an existing discharge, without first making application and obtaining a permit from the office of the Manager. The Manager shall collect fees based on an analysis determined in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act, being Act 203 of the Public Acts of 1990.
   (b)   The June 30, 1998, analysis determined that a person connecting to the sanitary sewer system could be charged a fee. Based upon the same, the connecting fee shall be amended to be one thousand dollars ($1,000) for all residents and non-residents who enter the Borough sewage treatment system. All persons connecting in the Borough shall also pay an inspection and administrative cost fee of seventy-six dollars ($76.00).
   (c)   A person having residential connections (defined as residences having the primary entrance to the dwelling from the exterior of the building, not through a hallway) shall be required to pay the connection fee and one EDU for the tapping fee.
   (d)   A person having nonresidential connections, other than a residential connection as defined above, will pay one connection fee per connection. In addition to the connection fee, an application for service must be provided, which includes estimated annual water use as a multiple of an EDU. This estimate must by approved by the Borough Manager. One EDU for the Borough sewer system is 204 gallons per day of water usage. The fee paid will be equal to the tapping fee, multiplied by the decimal number of EDU's of water usage estimated, with a minimum of one EDU to be paid. Eighteen months after connection to the Borough sewer system, the Borough will compare the average of the most recent twelve months of water usage to the estimated water usage. The Borough will either credit or invoice the difference in cost, subject to interest at a rate of three percent on the outstanding balance of the accounts.
(Ord. 2239. Passed 10-19-98; Ord. 2365. Passed 3-21-05.)