(a)   The owner of a property abutting upon any street or alley in which a sanitary sewer is located, and of a property of which any part is located within 300 feet of a sanitary sewer, shall make connection with that sewer, in the manner in which the Borough may direct, for the purpose of discharging such drainage or waste matter as the Borough may specify. However, any property located as herein provided shall not be required to be connected with the sanitary sewer if:
      (1)   In the judgment of Council, upon appeal thereto by the owner or owners of such property, the connection of such property with the sanitary sewer would be physically impracticable and unreasonably expensive; and
      (2)   If one or more septic tanks are provided by such property owner for the disposal of the drainage and waste from such property.
   (b)   No privy shall hereafter be constructed or maintained at any location within the Borough.
(Ord. 465. Passed 8-9-19; Ord. 1268. Passed 12-12-56.)