As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings as set forth below:
   (a)   "Inmate of a disorderly premises" means any person, not the possessor of a disorderly premises, who lives and abides in such disorderly premises or is employed at, or attends a gathering in such premises, lot or other place, knowing, that such premises is a disorderly premises as defined herein.
   (b)   "Nuisance premises" means any premises within the Borough where persons gather or abide and where the owner, lessee, or person in charge permits, encourages, or tends to encourage drunkenness, illegal consumption, boisterous conduct, unseemly noise, fighting or other conduct which disturbs the public peace or decorum, or promotes disorder and lessens the dignity of the community. Said definition shall apply whether the place is public or private, a building or any lot or land in the Borough. All such places within the Borough are hereby declared a public nuisance.
   (c)   "Possessor of a disorderly premises" means any person who is the owner, lessee, or person in charge of any such house at the time when any of the acts defined above are permitted or encouraged.
(Ord. 2409. Passed 2-19-07.)