(a)   No person shall deposit any refuse, offal, pomace, dead animals, decaying matter or organic substance of any kind, in or upon any private lot, building, structure, accessory structure or premises, in or upon any street, avenue, alley, parkway, ravine, ditch or gutter, or into any of the waters of the Commonwealth, so that the same shall or may afford food, harborage or breeding areas for rats, flies or other vectors.
   (b)   Except in areas of construction, no person shall deposit or permit to accumulate, in or upon any premises, improved or vacant or on any open lot or alley, any lumber, boxes, barrels, building materials, bottles, cans, glass, scrap iron, wire, pipe, broken crockery, broken paster, metal articles, broken stone or cement, or rubbish of any kind, unless the same may be kept in approved covered receptacles or placed on open racks that are elevated not less than eighteen inches above the ground and evenly piled or stacked, or disposed of as may be approved by the Department of Environmental Resources.
   (c)   In areas of construction, reasonable care must be taken by the owner and/or builder to prevent the buildup of debris and to maintain the premises in an orderly manner.
   (d)   No person shall maintain a junkyard or other place for the dumping, wrecking or disassembling of automobiles, trucks, tractors or machinery of any kind or of any of the parts thereof, or for the storing or leaving of any machinery or equipment used by contractors, builders or other persons, which junkyard or other place may afford harborage or breeding areas for rats or other vectors.
   (e)   No person shall store refuse in containers other than those which are made of durable, watertight, rust-resistant material and having a tight-fitting lid, which lid must be kept on the container when in use. Such containers must be keep clean, by thorough rinsing and draining as often as necessary, so as not to provide food or breeding areas for flies.
   (f)   No person shall dump, bury, destroy or otherwise dispose of refuse, except at an approved refuse disposal site.
   (g)   No person shall have, keep, maintain, cause or permit any collection of standing or flowing water in which mosquitoes breed or are likely to breed, unless such collection of water is treated or maintained so as to effectually prevent such breeding.
(Ord. 1867. Passed 4-18-78.)