(a)   Responsibility For Cost of Maintenance or Removal of Trees. The cost of maintenance or removal of any tree in and along the streets and highways of the Borough, of the necessary and suitable guards, curbing or grading for the protection thereof, and of the replacing of any pavement or sidewalk necessarily disturbed in the execution of such work, shall be the responsibility of the owner of the real estate abutting where the work is being done.
   (b)   Removal of Diseased or Dangerous Trees on Notice. All owners of property in the Borough, on thirty days notice from Council, shall remove any tree, which is diseased or in a dangerous condition, along the streets and highways of the Borough.
   (c)   Service of Notice. The proper Borough official shall give written notice to the property owner of the location of the tree to be removed, by regular mail or personal service. The notice shall contain a certification as to the cost of the removal of said tree and that, if it is not removed, the Borough will remove such tree and said amount will be a lien against the abutting real estate. If the owner is not a resident of the Borough, then notice may be served upon the agent or tenant of the owner, or upon the occupant of the premises. If the owner has no agent or tenant, or there is no occupant of such premises, then service shall be by notice posted upon the premises.
   (d)   Removal of Trees by Borough; Recovery of Costs. Upon neglect of any owner of property to remove a tree in and along the streets and highways of the Borough, as provided for by this section, the Borough may, after thirty days notice, cause the removal of the tree at the cost of such owner, and may collect the costs thereof, plus ten percent, together with all charges and expenses, from such owner and may file a Municipal lien or collect the same by action in assumpsit. The remedy provided for herein shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 684.99.
   (e)   Authority of Borough to Maintain and Remove Trees Under Certain Conditions. The Borough shall have the right of maintenance or removal of any tree in and along any utility right of way, street or highway of the Borough, for the purpose of maintaining its utility.
(Ord. 1998. Passed 8-19-86.)