Any person who creates, continues, causes, maintains or permits to exist any nuisance at any place within the Borough shall, within ten days after notice from Council to do so, remove or abate the nuisance. If such person fails, neglects or refuses to abate the nuisance within the time limit, Council shall have the authority, in person or by its agents and/or employees, to remove or abate the nuisance and, in so doing, shall have authority to enter upon the property of the person in default. Thereupon, Council shall collect the cost and expense of the abatement or removal from the person who created, continued, caused or maintained the nuisance and/or permitted it to exist, that person having failed, neglected or refused to remove or abate the nuisance, with an additional amount of ten percent, in the manner provided for the collection of Municipal claims or by an action in assumpsit, provided that the cost and expense may be in addition to any penalty imposed under Section 654.99.
(Ord. 2025. Passed 3-21-88.)