"Nuisance," as used in this chapter, means any use of property within the Borough, or any condition upon property within the Borough, that, other than infrequently, causes or results in annoyance or discomfort to persons beyond the boundaries of the property; interference with the health and/or safety of persons beyond the boundaries of the property or of persons who might reasonably be expected to enter upon or be in the property; and/or disturbance to or interference with the peaceful use of the property of others within the Borough, in any case taking into consideration the location of the use or condition and the nature and condition of the surrounding neighborhood. Specifically, "nuisance" shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
   (a)   Loud playing of radios, television sets, juke boxes, amplifiers and other sound devices so as to be heard beyond the premises from which the sound emanates.
   (b)   Operating gasoline-powered lawn mowers or gasoline-powered chain saws on any weekday before 8:00 a.m. or on any Sunday before 12:00 noon.
   (c)   Operating model airplanes equipped with gasoline engines on any public street or on any public ground, including any playground.
   (d)   Keeping or harboring any dog or other animal or fowl which, by frequent howling, barking or other noise, or odor, shall annoy or disturb the neighborhood or a number of persons.
   (e)   Maintaining or permitting the maintenance of any of the following dangerous conditions, structures or premises:
      (1)   Open wells or cisterns.
      (2)   Open excavations.
      (3)   Unfinished buildings, foundations or other structures.
      (4)   Dangerous placement of materials or equipment.
      (5)   Lakes, ponds or swimming pools not properly safeguarded.
      (6)   Stagnant water in pools in which mosquitoes, flies or insects multiply.
   (f)   Carrying on any building or road construction, excavation or trenching, or the operation of heavy equipment or trucks in connection therewith, at any time between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the following day, without a special permit issued by the Secretary/Treasurer. A special permit shall be issued only if it is shown that the construction work must proceed as a matter of emergency, or that it can be carried out in such a manner or in such a place that the public or residents will not be annoyed or disturbed by the construction work.
   (g)   Carrying on construction work in such a manner that dirt is carried by wind onto adjacent properties or that mud is tracked or drained into streets adjacent to the project.
   (h)   Washing, tracking or otherwise depositing dirt, mud, soil, stone or debris upon or onto the pavement of any street, without removing the material before 5:00 p.m. of the day on which the material was deposited.
   (i)   Using any property or operating any business or other activity so as to permit or cause smoke, soot, cinders, fly ash, dust, mud, dirt, acid or noxious or offensive fumes, gases or odors to be carried off the premises, to cause any water to become polluted by sewage, industrial wastes, acid or other substances, or to cause a glare from lights or a noise of such character as to cause annoyance to residents or interference with the normal use of adjacent properties.
   (j)   Creating or maintaining an "attractive nuisance," which is the leaving of a dangerous instrumentality which, by its character, is dangerous and attractive to children, and in a place frequented by children.
(Ord. 2025. Passed 3-21-88.)
   (k)   Allowing a dog to roam outside the boundaries of an owner's property without a leash.
   (l)   Failing to clean up a dog's feces when the dog defecates in public or upon the property of another.
(Ord. 2229. Passed 3-16-98.)