Title, Purpose, Application And Interpretation   1
Rules And Definitions   2
Administration   3
General Performance Standards   4
General Zoning Regulations   5
Accessory Buildings, Structures And Uses   6
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs And Spas   7
Parking And Storage Of Vehicles On
Residential Property   8
Off Street Parking And Loading;
Access Requirements   9
Landscaping Requirements   10
Environmental Protection   11
Signs   12
Towers And Antennas   13
Alternative Energy Systems   14
Reserved   15
Reserved   16
Reserved   17
Reserved   18
Reserved   19
Reserved   20
Reserved   21
Reserved   22
Reserved   23
Zoning Districts, Map, And Land Use Table   24
Residential Districts   25
R-1 Suburban Single-Family Residential
District   25A
R-2 Urban (Small Lot) Single-Family
Residential District   25B
R-3 Medium Density Residential District   25C
R-4 High Density Residential District   25D
R-5 Downtown Residential District   25E
Business Districts   26
B-1 Neighborhood Business District   26A
B-2 Downtown Business District   26B
B-3 Original Townsite District (Rep. by Ord. 244, 3-10-2022)   26C
B-4 Highway Business District   26D
B-5 General Business District   26E
B-6 Business Warehousing District (Rep. by Ord. 244, 3- 10-2022)   26F
B-6 Business Campus District   26G
Industrial Districts   27
I-1 Limited Industrial District   27A
I-2 General Industrial District   27B
Special Districts   28
UR Urban Reserve District   28A
INS Institutional District   28B
PUD Planned Unit Development District   28C
FP Floodplain Overlay District   28D