Compostable materials such as grass, trimmings, wood waste, leaves, weeds, fruits and vegetables, breads and grains, coffee grounds, egg shells and other garden refuse may be placed in a compost pile, provided it is placed in such a way so the material will not be windblown. The depositing of garbage, pet waste, meat scraps or other materials that may attract animals or vermin to the compost pile, or which may produce an obnoxious odor, shall be prohibited. (Ord. 3595, 2-26-2019)
Compost piles shall only be permitted in rear yards, except that portion of the rear yard wherein a drainage easement exists, and in no case shall a compost pile be located in any side yard.
Compost piles shall be no more than five feet (5') in height, and shall not have a maximum ground or base area of more than one hundred (100) square feet. (Ord. 2121, 8-14-1990)