Any ordinance amending the Village Code shall set forth the title, chapter and section number of the section or sections to be amended, and this shall constitute sufficient compliance with any statutory requirement pertaining to the amendment or revision by ordinance of any part of this Village Code. All such amendments or revisions by ordinance shall be immediately forwarded to the codifiers and the said ordinance material shall be prepared for insertion in its proper place in each copy of this Village Code. Each such replacement page shall be properly identified and shall be inserted in each individual copy of the Village Code. (1992 Code)
Any addition or amendments to this Code, when passed in such form as to indicate the intention of the President and Board of Trustees to make the same a part of this Code, shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Code so that a reference to the Municipal Code of Elk Grove Village shall be understood to include them. (1961 Code §25.201)
The Village Clerk shall keep a separate book containing every amendment or addition passed to this Code, with a reference on each copy of such amendment or addition as to the place in the record of ordinances where the original ordinance may be found. These records shall be kept in addition to the record of ordinances which the Clerk is required to keep by statute. (1961 Code §25.203)