50.01   Garbage removal by private persons
   50.02   Garbage receptacles; storage before placement for collection
   50.03   Wet garbage
   50.04   Preparation of paper boxes
   50.05   Commercial establishments
   50.06   Removal of containers after emptied
   50.07   Dates of removal
   50.08   When garbage and trash to be placed for collection
   50.09   Removal of debris, rubbish
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate disposal of trash and garbage within municipal limits, see G.S. § 160A-303.1
   City may regulate illegal disposal of solid waste, littering, see G.S. § 160A-185
   Municipal power to require use of solid waste services and to regulate accordingly, see G.S. § 160A-317(b)
   Requirements for municipal solid waste landfill facilities, see 15A NCAC 13B.1601 et seq.